What is a DDOS attack?

DDOS attacks are malicious attempts to make your servers unavailable to users. Compromised servers across the world flood your server with invalid, malicious requests.

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After receiving threats from competition, your site has been targeted and brought down. What do you do next?

About our Protection What do we have to offer?

Fast Setup

Setting up DDOS Protection is a simple option at checkout. You can purchase DDOS Protection for existing services here


Our DDOS Protection can shield your services from up to 1Tbps or 750,000,000 packets per second.


Our full range of protection is available for $3 a month for VPSs and dedicated servers with no setup fees.


Protection can be customized for a specific application. Tell us about your application and we'll do our best to customize it.

Volumetric Attacks

Our DDOS protection covers attacks such as NTP, DNS, Chargen, SNMP, SSDP, and many other UDP flooding attacks.

Application Attacks

We will stand by and guard against HTTP, SYN, Spoofed SYN, SYN-ACK, and many other types of application attacks.

DDOS Protection

Powerful and Affordable.

Web Hosting+$0/mo
  • 1Tbps of Protection
  • Always Active
  • Comes with Universe Web
  • Layer 3 - 7 Attacks
  • Customizable
  • Instant Setup
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VPS and Dedicated+$3/mo
  • 1Tbps of Protection
  • Always Active
  • Server Add-on
  • Layer 3 - 7 Attacks
  • Customizable
  • Fast Setup
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Datacenter Locations

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LocationStaten Island, New York

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About Our flagship datacenter, sporting high connectivity options with multiple Tier 1 carriers and peering.


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Frequently Asked Questions Have a question? The answer might be below.
What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a server that acts like a physical computer, but is virtual, and runs on another physical computer. These servers can do almost anything a physical server can, but for a fraction of the cost.

I purchased a server, what do I do now?

If you purchased a server using Linux you can SSH into it using a tool known as Putty, or you can use our control panel located here.

What can I do with my server?

There are plenty of uses for a server: A Game Server for playing with your friends, a File Server for storing backups and distributing files, a Webserver for hosting websites, A Video Streaming Server for streaming TV and movies, or even remote workstation.

Can I upgrade my server?

Of course, upgrading is a simple and painless process. We recommend starting small as upgrading your VPS can be upgraded in a few clicks with a quick shutdown / boot.

What do the VPSs run on?

Our Lightning line of VPSs run on dell servers equiped with dual 10Gb ports, dual power supplies, two E5-2697V2 CPUs, and DDR3 ECC.

All of our VPSs run on enterprise grade NVMe SSD storage. NVMe storage is up to 10x faster than normal SSD storage, excelling in random reads and writes.

Can I test a VPS or get a trial?

While we don't offer free trials, your VPS can be converted into store credit at any time.

I still need help

If you still have questions, need help logging in, or are looking for something specific, our support team can be reached via Discord or by email: [email protected]