Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

Refund Types:

  • Credit-Based Refund: A refund consisting of in-store credit that can be used for any GalaxyGate service.
  • Exchange-Based Refund: A refund involving swapping a product with another.
  • Full-Refund: A complete refund of a product.

Refund Conditions 

  • Conditions for Credit-Based Refunds
    • Credit-Based Refunds can be enacted within one week of deployment, up to 3 times a month.
    • Credit will be calculated based on days left in term / term length.
  • Conditions for Exchange-Based Refunds
    • Must be initiated within 48 hours of product deployment.
    • Must be a product with similar or lower value, unless approved by GalaxyGate staff.
  • Conditions for full refund
    • Product has a failure, resulting in loss of data or severe downtime.
    • Product is purchased, but hasn't been used in any capacity.
    • Product has been activated for less than 24 hours.